Cultivating entrepreneurial mindset

October 12, 2020

I recently had a chance to look back how did I approach work, with an "entrepreneurial/ creative mindset". Certainly, it's different for everyone.

People always misunderstood being entrepreneurial means that you have to start your own company. But no. It's a mindset that you can have in a corporate as well! It's about understand rules, finding alternatives for a better approach and making new rules.

My approach is

1) Look at the box - live in the reality of your life, understand the constraints, observe environment around you and the world. We all have our own life - parents, children, financial stress, social pressure etc.

2) Think out of the box - question "why the world is the way it is". When you start questioning, you start to think "is there another way to approach this thing". The world is ever evolving and we can never stop asking. Iterating through 1 & 2 helps you becoming more open-minded with the "reality".

3) Choosing what to do - with curiosity, you should be able to explore there are tons of opportunities and things to do! Now is the time to understand yourself a bit more. What do you like? What is your view of things? What is your view of future? What do you believe in? Find the energy that helps you take the leap of faith.

4) Thinking how to do - it's about skills and knowledge. Innovation cannot be done by yourself. This is where diversity should kick in. Open communication with your team, your colleague so that everyone works on the future that we believe in. As a team, they will be able to figure out how to do it.

5) Do it - break it down into baby steps to execute. It's the most important step that actually makes good entrepreneurs. A lot of great thinkers are not good at working with others, or executing their ideas. You need to execute it within the existing rules and reality - going back to step 1. That's the most difficult thing.