Hello there

I'm Yina.

I'm based in Hong Kong, working at Saltagen Ventures whlie starting my own company Bamboo Network to change the way of how current startup funding is done. I'm also a blogger, writing on Sigumdic's Facebook page, Fortune Insight Prime, Stand News and VisionGo HSBC (on behalf of Saltagen).

All of these initiatives are built on my belief of empowerment - being able to find and pursue what you want in life and not stuck in the system.

Locally born and raised, I earned my B.B.A. (Accounting & Finance) in HKU and joined a bank like everyone else. Later, I obtained Master of Law (Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law) to understand intellectual property's role in innovation, while being a resident tutor at St. John's College, HKU. Surrounded by our next generations, I strongly felt how limited are the options provided by our current society, and how important empowerment is.